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    Charles Neil

    On of the things that will change for certain will be how office space is configured in future and how to protect staff from airborne Corona particles notwithstanding social distancing .

    Some offices will place their staff on rota now that working from home and communication between staff themselves and with their customers is becoming the norm , but how do you keep staff safe when they are in the office?

    The ideal of course would be to create seperate workstations similar to capsules where ventilation would be individualised , which would involve under floor blowers and powerful extractors to remove the air for sterilisation. This will almost certainly occur in the offices of major corporates in the not too distant future, even if the COVID threat subsides as awareness has grown of health risks due to breathing air inside buildings.

    These modular type wok stations will take a while to be introduced and are not an option now ,but nevertheless some practical things can be done .

    1. Put HEPA biological filters across grills and on A/C units which would filter the air coming in and out.

    2. Put UV lights inside ducts to sterilise the air .

    3. Put more powerful extractor fans in and increase the capacity of air conditioning to allow at least 20 per cent fresh air intake .

    4. Sterilise ducts regularly through using duct cleaning machines, but only practical during evenings or week ends so as not to cause disruption during working hours.

    5 Temporary use of screening with plastic sheeting to shield staff having to deal with clients and could possibly be used to isolate work stations , although may not be aesthetically appealing or practical

    I would like to hear what other measure companies might think of taking as well as myself suggestions are not comprehensive.


    Very interesting Charles, some great advice for steps we can prepare to take for an eventual return to office. I’m interested too in hearing what other measures companies are planning to put in place for what will be ‘our new normal.’

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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