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    Emily Sanders

    Come journey with us on epic voyages and captivating adventures. The inaugural International Schools Book Awards launched on the 3rd May with 3 exciting travel novels to fuel imagination and transport children to another time and place.

    The aim of the Awards are to bring our community of young readers in schools across the UAE and beyond together through the joy of books and reading. We open the door to exceptional authors telling remarkable stories and empower children to independently read for pleasure and creativity. Let’s allow imaginations to run wild on the pages of these beautifully written children’s books.

    The theme for the Awards is Travel and all three books circulate around this. In a time when travel is restricted, we journey across the world on colourful voyages fuelled by intriguing mysteries and tales of adventure.

    Visit the Cranleigh Abu Dhabi website now for all you need to know. Let’s get lost in books….



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